Learning new skills -Inspection, Assembly-Quality!

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Having been established as a tool making & die casting company for 50 years Jones & Wilkinson Ltd have recently been able to offer assembly to a small number of customers.

Often taken from design, 3D prototyping,Assemblyright through  assembly to dispatch; Jones & Wilkinson Ltd can offer the complete package.

Working  closely with a number of  local companies for services such as powder coating,  plating and polishing helps to enhance the overall finish of our components. To compliment this and to ensure all parts are perfect before assembly, a room has been refurbished to provide an inspection area.
Since making the move into a new building at the end of 2014 a large number of changes have been made to our systems and processes. All of which have helped improve communication and quality of service to our customers.

We are proud of the products we produce, our relationship with  customers and suppliers and our loyal and hardworking staff and how they have embraced the many changes we have thrown at them during 2015. We very much look forward to this continuing!